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The Herd


Meet Our Board of Directors

United by our love of horses and an understanding that they have an incredibly positive impact on the minds and body's of people.


Karolina Conroy, Director

My very first memory in life is seeing a horse for the first time. It has since been a life long passion of mine. As a rebellious teenager, my love of horses kept me out of trouble. The barn was always my sanctuary and second home. My most favorite thing about working with horses is that the entire world disappears when I'm around them. I arrive on another frequency where I am calm, patient and assertive- hours fly by. Horses are sensitive, big, majestic creatures and I am in constant awe of the trust they put in us.

Galloping on horse back has got to be the most freeing experience I have ever felt. This connection between horse and human is incredible and almost indescribable.

~Karolina is an entrepreneur, adventurer and equine enthusiast. She brings unmatchable passion to Freedom Equine Association we are beyond overjoyed to have her encouraging others to follow that passion through  Freedom Equine Association!

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Deb Kolb, Director

Like a lot of women, I was a horse crazy girl, and had a horse while I was growing up in Medicine Hat.  Many years later after university, and a family, I wanted to get back into riding and bought a young, lovely, sorrel mare. And I also learned that I didn’t know anything.  So, lessons, and more lessons (and more).  I have been riding almost 30 years since then, and have had many good horses.  I have done competitive trail riding, open shows, reining, cattle work, gymkhana, and mini driving. I have also completed Equine Canada western rider 4 level a few years ago, and still enjoy learning.

~ Deb is not only an experienced and skilled horse woman she is an inspiration to any person interested in horses. Moreover, she is a pillar in the horse community in the Elk Valley and beyond. This woman gives back to communities unlike any other. Always willing to help, share her wealth knowledge, and support you no matter who you are and what your experience may be. It is an absolute honor to have Deb join the Freedom Equine Association board.


Simone Bourassa, Director

A lover of all animals and a helper of all kinds of people. From as far back as she can remember Simone has spent her life loving and caring for animals. Professionally, she dedicated 15+ years working with children, youth and adults on the Autism Spectrum & those with diverse abilities as a Behaviour Consultant. A life long dream realized when she experienced, first hand, the incredible impact horses have on the mind and body of a person. The growth and positive change she has seen in children, youth and adults as a result of working with horses has changed the trajectory of her personal and professional life. The most incredible aspects of working with horses for Simone ~ the continuous learning and the necessity for a person to be completely present; when you are with horses you cannot be anywhere else. There is so much liberation & peace to be found in that space.

~ With an extensive background working with individual's with diverse abilities, a Registered Autism Service Provider with ACT BC, with a heart felt passion for horses, animals and humans alike Freedom Equine Association couldn't imagine a better fit for our board of directors.

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Krista Pettit, Director

 Krista has guided backcountry horse back trail rides for 15 years, she loves liberty work as well as both English and Western riding and is learning positive reinforcement training. Krista truly believes in the positive effect horses can have on the mind and body and is proud to be joining the Freedom Equine team!

~Krista is an inspiration in the horse community of the Elk Valley and beyond! Her adventures are envious and awe inspiring! She gets out into the mountains and truly maximizes her experiences in the amazing country side of British Columbia and Alberta on horseback.

When she is not out adventuring, learning, and horsing, Krista is the driving force behind an incredible small business; Creating beautiful, functional and cohesive website's for equine based businesses (and beyond!) with Day Break Studio West.

If you know Krista, you know you are lucky to!

Freedom Equine is exceptionally fortunate to have her as a director on our board!

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Katherine Aker-Vincent, Director

Katherine was bitten by the horse bug early in life at the tender age of 6. The next 4 years must have been tough on her parents as she probably asked them for a horse at least twice a day, with them finally giving in for her tenth birthday, when she got her first pony, Beauty. That was the launch of her lifelong passion for everything horse. After out-growing Beauty, and her early 4H years, she moved up to bigger and fancier horses, doing everything from all things western western to jumping to dressage to polo. Katherine credits this horse-filled life with building the confidence, independence and problem-solving capability she now uses every day in her career in marketing and technology consulting and project management. Most days when not working on client projects, she can be found at the barn where she is incredibly fortunate to learn new things every day from some very talented quarter horses.

~ Katherine brings  talent, skill, knowledge and ingenuity with a smile! Her generous and kind nature radiates when she is riding, helping someone else or passing on knowledge to someone else. It is no wonder all the horses love her! Freedom Equine Association is just thrilled to have Katherine's knowledge, skill and positive energy on our board of directors.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors allow Freedom Equine to deliver programming such as equine assisted learning & therapeutic riding to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Stay Tuned!

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